Summer 2022 Festival Bracelets

Three Designs for Festival Bracelets


As part of their summer collection, TWLOHA wanted to create a new set of designs for their festival bracelets. They release their festival bracelets as a three-pack, with each bracelet having a different phrase. The phrases for this collection are "It's Okay To Ask For Help", "We Need You Here", and "Hope Is Defiant".

The Assets

These are the design and type elements to be used in the final designs.

Black and White Versions of the Three Festival Bracelets


Below are my initial sketches for the bracelets designs as well as some color exploration of the final designs. For this project I explored the possibility of using a lot of textures to add depth and interest to the designs.

Sketches for Festival Bracelets
Various color explorations for festival bracelets
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Final Version

Below is the finished digital designs for the bracelets as well as product photos showcasing the finished product.

Final Digital Designs for Festival Bracelets
Festival Bracelets Side 1
Festival Bracelets Side 2
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