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Typesetter Booklet show in use via Booklet Mockup


The goal of this project was to personify ourself as a design-related superhero. I have a passion for both typography and web coding so I used them as the main concepts for my superhero and story. In addition to doing the design work, I also wrote the story itself.


The first part of this project was to get the story written out. Once I had the story written out I could start thinking about the visual aesthetics of the project. I almost always start my projects by creating a moodboard. Moodboards help me get inspired and generate ideas. These help me determine and visually showcase the direction that I want to go with the project. While there is some layout you can see that most of my moodboard consists of various illustration styles.

Typesetter Moodboard
Typesetter Moodboard
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Designing a visual layout or any project always starts with sketching. Here you can see my initial sketches for each spread of the booklet.

TypeSetter Layout and Illustration Sketches
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A decent amount of this project consisted of me finding a style of illustration that worked with me and my skill set. Prior to this project I had not done many illustrations as such, I found this simplified vector style of illustration to work well and be a starting point for my illustration journey.

In-Progress Male Newscaster Illustration
In-Progress Chicken and Microwave Illustration
In-Progress Female Newscaster Illustration
In-Progress Female and Male Newscaster Illustration
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Final Piece

Below you can click through to see the digital version of the booklet as well as see some photos of the physical booklet.

Live Website Link

Real Life Photo of TypeSetter Booklet
Real Life Photo of TypeSetter Booklet