Pillsbury Packaging Case Study

Packaging Design
Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Dimension
Hand Coded using: HTML/CSS, Vanilla Javascript, Bootstrap
https://sites.millersville.edu/heblaine/0000_GhostPackagingWebsite/Screenshots of Pillsbury Case Study Website put into Laptop and Mobile MockupsScreenshots of Pillsbury Case Study Website Laptop and Mobile Size


The goal of this project was to take a series of products and create a packaging design for them. For my project, I decided to do a baking product line. Our professor recommended that we connect it to an existing brand, as such I selected Pillsbury. At the time of creation, it was October and as such, I decided to pursue a Halloween-themed product line and my inspiration and concept for this project. After completing the series redesign we were tasked with creating a case study website to showcase the redesigns.


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For this project, I didn't have to do as much brainstorming as normal since the main concept of Halloween was already in place due to the theme of the product line. As such, I launched right into sketching out various ideas and layouts for the various products. Below are some of my product sketches.

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I knew for this series that I wanted to push myself. Typically all of my work is done completely digitally after I finish the sketching phase. For this project, however, I wanted to challenge myself to make something with some traditional mediums in order to get the texture and then combine it with other items digitally to create the final design. I painted the main imagery for each of the products in the series using acrylic gouache on watercolor paper. Below are the scans with a dark background so the imagery can be seen clearly. In addition to the scans, I have the wireframes that I sketched in order to layout the website.

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Final Piece

Below is the final version of the product line, some screenshots, and a link to the live case study website.