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My name is Hannah Blaine and I am an aspiring web and interactive designer. For me design is not simply a career path but it is also a passion of mine. In my free time I like to experiment with new ways to elevate and enhance my work. Whether it is creating new textures to scan and digitalize or teaching myself a new technique. I am very passionate and motivated when it comes to design. If I find that there is something I do not know I will seek it out and put in the effort required to learn and develop this new skill. While most designers prefer either the print or the digital side of design, I don’t have a preference. I love different aspects of each and finding unique ways to merge the two sides together.

I graduated from Millersville University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Design in Interactive & Graphic Design, Magna cum laude. In addition to majoring in Interactive and Graphic Design I also earned a minor in Computer Science. While attending Millersville University I was very active and involved with the Art and Design Department. I was a lab technician for their printing lab for 2 years and I was promoted to Head Lab Technician during my senior year. I was also involved with giving tours to prospective students as well as being the Vice President as well as the President of the Interactive Design Club for two years total.

In addition to my schooling in the Spring of 2022 I was selected to be a design intern for the mental health organization, To Write Love On Her Arms. I was a design intern from January 2022 - May 2022 where I learned valuable skills in both communication and design. During my time as an intern I worked on variety of different projects such as social media posts, blog and app quote images, and the production of physical products and merchandise.

*Resume is available upon request*

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